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[BKARTS] Thanks for the tips

Thank you all so much for the stab-binding tips.  They were all so helpful!  My sketch book came out pretty good, I'm pleased with it.

I do have another question--I've been working with altering old discarded hardcover books--and I've been having the worst time keeping the pages from crinkling, warping, and the binding from just falling to pieces.  I've been applying gesso to the pages and that gives me a good base to work on, but the more I work on it, the book just goes to pot. And it won't close neatly. Please help me.  I ruined an unfinished piece that I had included in a show.  I think I can salvage it by turning it into a sculptural piece, but its finished as an altered book.

Thanks so much,
Jessie K.

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