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[BKARTS] Prison erases writing workshop files after inmate wins $25,000 PEN award

For the record: I taught Calligraphy and Art History in the jails, so that's relevant to this list, as others may face the same situation. And I haven't heard any "hysterics" on this list, though I note the gender bias implicit in the use of that term.

And, in all justice to James Welker, I never said the inmates are not to be feared, or "innocent," or any such thing. Just that they're only one concern for anyone entering the out-of-control hellhole that is the penitential system. And not the first.

Moreover, as someone with a fair knowledge of the criminal justice system in several countries, I am not at all persuaded that our American system is "the best." That, of course, takes us beyond this list, and I'll leave it at that.

Finally: I just heard over the radio that there is a video circulating of a teenager being beaten to a pulp in what is called, without apparent irony, the CYA (The California Youth penitentiary system). I heard that the prison officials, when confronted with that evidence, shrugged their shoulders, as if beating unresisting kids was the most normal thing in the world. That is the point where NOT speaking out makes us all less than human. How far we will go to "CY" our own "A" is an individual decision. I've answered it for myself, and that's all I will say on this list, on this subject.

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