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Re: [BKARTS] Prison erases writing workshop files after inmate wins $25,000 PEN award


I have no experience from inside a prison, so possibly everything you say is accurate, except one thing -- that if the system failed there are ample remedies.  Speaking as an editor and writer, I think to destroy five years of writing work by 15 women is horrendous.  For some of the writers, doing so would also take a piece of their heart and soul.  Once their work is destroyed, if there are no copies, I can't think of any ample remedy.

Kathy Wolford, Mineral Springs, Pa. kathleenwolford@xxxxxxxxx

James Welker <jwelker@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

<snip> If there is some kind of action taken regarding this
writing project, its probably a good idea to assume that there must
have been a good reason. If there is no good reason, our system has
more than ample remedies.  <snip>

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