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[BKARTS] lost medieval manuscript

lost medieval manuscript

Dear Sirs,
I'm a philologist, working for the University of Rome. I've studied
the medieval manuscript "Royal 16 E VIII". After more than a century,
I've made an enquiry concerning the disappearance of this codex from
the Reading Room of the British Museum in 1879, and I've discovered
who was the last person who consulted the volume.
I'm editing a book about this "lost" manuscript, which contained an
illuminated french Bestiarium and other important items.

(For a description, see:

I contact you in order to know if your institution can help me in
finding information about this manuscript after 1879.
I thank you in advance.
Best wishes
PhD. Carla Rossi
Dipartimento di Studi Romanzi
Università di Roma La Sapienza


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