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Re: [BKARTS] your document is not good

I also recieved such a message however, I have an additional line:
"pic.scr is removed from here because it contains a virus."  I'm on an
iMac with up to the minute firewall/virus protection.   I have other
such messages to the list from Peter and one also from Cathy Dery and
from Pat Baldwin in my junk file which had been automatically filtered
out. All have different extensions (vewykelhw.exe, for example) and had
been removed because they contained a virus. The one today didn't get
filtered. The names attached to the messages are probably valid list
members (obviously in the case of Peter), but somehow the extensions
are signaling to my system that the messages are junk and I will not
see them unless I deliberately go to my junk folder. the good news is
that i seem to be immune from being corrupted. If anyone has any
thoughts on this please advise. Thanks

Diane Nolting

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