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Re: [BKARTS] repair tissue

Another good resource, besides Japanese Paper Place, BookMakers, Talas, would be Hiromi Paper. Their website is at <www.hiromipaper.com> and email <washi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> They're located in Santa Monica, CA, so for people in the western states delivery is generally cheaper and faster.

Another resource is Aiko's Art Materials Import, 3347 N. Clark, Chicago, IL, (773) 404-5600. I don't know whether they have a web-site yet. They didn't when I last checked, so I usually telephone. They stock some papers that no one else does, such as kurotani (kite paper)—a product we did not discuss here.

I have used ALL of these vendors, usually for different products, because they do not all stock the same inventory. Unfortunately, the sample sets can represent a substantial piece of money, but sometimes they will send you individual slips of the paper(s) you are interested in.

Eugene, OR

On Sunday, April 18, 2004, at 07:33 AM, Julie Sullivan wrote:

Rob - Others have already commented about Japanese tissue vs. heat sensitive tissue and I'll simply add that, out of curiosity, I once tried pressure-sensitive tape as a guard. It didn't work. Not only is is not strong enough to hold sewing thread, it can lead you to create even more tears when sewing in an already fragile fold.

I suggest you contact The Japanese Paper Place http://www.japanesepaperplace.com. You can buy, for a very reasonable amount, sample books of their conservation and repair tissues. You'll then have a handy reference guide for which paper you might need for a particular project. You can also find out if The Japanese Paper place sells via a retailer near you.

Yes, there are many Japanese tissues from which to choose. That's both the beauty and the confusion of it all. Your mending tissue should be selected based on the paper you are to mend. When you start working with well-made, high-quality Japanese tissue, you'll never accept any substitutions.

Good luck. Julie

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