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[BKARTS] New York's Book Fest

Having attended Book Fest I was impressed with the planning, promotion, publicity, turnout and quality of participants. I  have a couple of considerations about taking a table next year which I believe might easily be remedied.

1.There needs to be more differentiation between tables.
In too many instances it was difficult to tell where one artist's work began and the other ended.

2. As the tables are low, books need to presented higher or on different levels.

Trial and error is the best teacher, I found, over a period of years as an exhibitor at the SURTEX Show (SURface and TEXtile) at the N.Y. Jacob Javits Center. Learning how to present yourself in a unique way, understanding what customers are looking for, and how to "overcome objections and close sales" are all part of the picture. Yes, selling books IS a business.

At Book Fest I was impressed with the ability of artists to engage, answer questions, and give attendees something to go home with.

Some exhibitors at SURTEX, like those at Book Fest, had concerns about the number of students who attended. We came up with a solution by which there were certain hours that student could attend. This was possible because there was an entry fee for SURTEX, which might not be appropriate for Book Fest. Students need to understand that participating artists come a long way, invest a great deal of time and energy to show and sell their books. There is a limited amount of time in which to do this and the artists need to concentrate on potential customers. Perhaps there could be a time set aside in an auditorium setting after the show for Q&A for students.

Doubtlessly, Book Fest will grow with each year's success, attracting more book artists, more attendees and create more collectors.

Alice Simpson

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