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[BKARTS] Greetings from China... - From Patrice Baldwin

[A message from Patrice Baldwin currently teaching in China that she asked
I pass on to you all. Always nice to hear what others are doing. p.]

Hello Peter:

Since I'm not on the ListServ at this time, I'd like you to send my best
wishes to all my friends there.

My students at Hebei University in Baoding are third year art students. I
have 15 very enthusiastic 'characters' in my class three days a week. We
have had our first mid-term exhibit to which we invited all the "suits"
from the Art School. I was very proud. They exhibited all the books they'd
made to date and demonstrated sewing on a frame for the visitors.

It's miraculous, but we're getting along just fine with my non-Chinese,
their very limited English and my assistant, Kang Ning, who speaks both
very well. They've learned parts of a book in English and "take care of
your tools!" as well. And I've learned to use a metric ruler.

I have a few pictures of my students working in class. The most interesting
is one of students sewing books on tapes. We only have three sewing stands,
so we had to make do somehow. One of the students came up with the idea of
turning the chairs upside down, covering the under-seat with foam core and
using the rungs to put the tapes on. As you'll see, it works! We're nothing
if not inventive. I've had to use many substitutes in class as this is the
only class of its kind in China at this time. The head of the Art School is
always amused at some of the things I've bought for the students. He reads
the receipts and shakes his head. At first we were using the neck ribbons
they use to hang cell phones around their necks for tapes. Then I found the
word for "ribbon" and we were in business. Very colorful, but successful.
The hunt for bricks took a while to sink in, but finally they all brought
in a brick with a big question mark on their faces. I told them to cover it
with white ! pap er and write their name on it in Manderin and Pinyin, so I
could learn their names. Now, when I say, "Get that book under your brick."
They know exactly what I mean.

I hope you can somehow get these pictures up for my friends at the ListServ
to see. I am sending only one now that I took with my new digital camera.
[The picture can be seen at <http://www.philobiblon.com/baldwin.jpg>. Wait
a little, and I'll send three prints (nobody here has a scanner) of
students in class thru the mail. I have to have your snail mail address,


Patrice Baldwin

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