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[BKARTS] Lurker de-lurks. Needs info.

Greeting all.

I am a lurker de-lurking.  By profession I am a potter, and I have been
interested in altered books for a long time, and have decided to explore.

While this seems like a mostly technical list, I was hoping to gain some
non-technical knowledge.  How did you start in book arts?  Does anyone here
make their living doing it?  Is this more for traditional bookbinding and
paper making than altered and art books?

I am in NYC, and plan to take some workshops this summer at the Center for
Book Arts.  I've got a number of book on altered and art books, but can one
really learn this way?  In pottery, there are many books, but they are
really just support materials for hands-on experience.  I don't think anyone
can teach themselves to throw using a book alone.

Thanks for the help!


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