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[BKARTS] Stitched perfect bound book

Library binders used to do what is called "Cleat binding".  Maybe that
is what you are referring to.  This is the definition from A Dictionary
of Descriptive Terminology by Matt T. Roberts and Don Etherington.  It
is not recommended by library binders and has not been used for years
since it tends to break down.  Double fan adhesive binding took its

Smyth-Cleat sewing.  A method of machine sewing or lacing adapted from
an earlier European method by the Smyth Manufacturing Co. in the late
1960s and early 1970s. It combines thread and adhesive to secure the
leaves of a book. In a separate machine, the back of the sections are
planed off leaving the spine as smooth as possible. This is a very
critical part of the operation, because if the cut spine is not smooth
and even, subsequent operations are affected detrimentally. The block of
leaves is then placed spine down in the Smyth-Cleat machine and is moved
into position where a circular saw cuts a number of cleats completely
across the back from head to tail (the number depending on the long
dimension of the book). The sawn leaves then move into the sewing
position where a single hollow needle laces thread around the cleats in
the manner of a fiddle or figure-eight stitch. The sewn text block is
then ready rate of setting; however, if the book is to be rounded and
backed, an adhesive other than a hot-melt is required because of the
DRYING MEMORY <http://sul3.stanford.edu:10001/don/dt/dt1100.html>  of
hot-melt adhesives. 

Marie Kelzer

Preservation Unit Manager

San Francisco Public Library

415.557.4302   fax 415.557.4324



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Date:    Wed, 21 Apr 2004 18:48:21 -0700

From:    Tony Kranz <tkranz@xxxxxxx>

Subject: Stitched perfect bound book


Can someone tell me the technical name for a stitched, perfect-bound
book? I have a customer that has a sample of a 560 page book that is
sewn and perfect-bound with flexible glue to "lay-flat".  Peeling back
the paper glued to the spine, I see thread "S-ing" the length of the
spine. The seasoned estimators I know hadn't seen this before.


Perhaps more importantly: where can one get this done in a quantity of
3,000 or so?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Tony Kranz



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