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[BKARTS] 10th Anniversary of Book_Arts-L

This list celebrates it's 10th anniversary June 23, a very long time in
cyberspace. There are regular posters who have been on since almost day one
and many new ones. Within a few weeks of the switch being flipped on there
were almost 400 subscribers, now there are over 1800. There are over 32,000
postings totaling 520mb on disk. We are scattered all over the globe, and
have managed to form community, with all that implies.

I hereby invite everyone to share their thoughts, memories, experiences for
the occasion.

I'd also like to invite everyone to design a new "logo" using the name of
the list, Book_Arts-L. The winner will grace the top of the list archive
page at <http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/byform/mailing-lists/bookarts>. All
entries will be displayed. You'll get to choose the winner.

Thank you EVERYONE for being a part of this and making it happen.

Cheers, p


Peter D. Verheyen
Bookbinder & Conservator, PA - AIC
The Book Arts Web & Book_Arts-L Listserv

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