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Re: [BKARTS] bookbinding

Hi Lois,

I've been creating books for several years now and have been teaching
workshops on bookbinding, altering books, art journals, collage, mixed
media, etc... for almost 8 years now. I teach every weekend and some week
days. I live very frugally and this is how I make my living.
Some people can learn from reading books on bookbinding. That is how I
taught myself. Thank God for the likes of Shereen LaPlantz, Keith Smith,
Alisa Golden, etc.. Their books are a wealth of information. I always
recommend Shereen LaPlantz's "Cover To Cover" to beginning students. Every
bit of information that you need to 'walk yourself' through the steps of
making a book are in there. You have to remember though, that everyone
learns differently. While some might be able to pick up a book or a
magazine and figure things out, others will disregard the written word and
would rather take a class. I can see this in my classes. Some students pick
it up extremely quickly reading instructions while others need step by step
visual aids. Take some time to figure out how YOU learn and what will be
best for you. Also, take the time to find an instructor who will nurture
and support what you do.  You mentioned altered books, some look may look
at altering books and shudder, while others will embrace the fact that you
are saving books (and yes, by altering books IMO -current books that there
are a multitude of out there- you ARE saving books. I used to work at
Barnes and Noble and every single day, they throw AWAY tons and tons and
TONS Of books without regard to recycling, donating, etc... so I like to
visit my local library on 'book sale' days and give them some $ towards
their discarded hardcovers of the 'best sellers' and things like Danielle
Steele and Stephen King, in which there are a multitude of them out
there...I won't alter a Holy book, first edition or text that is older and
hard to find but that is my personal belief). Any ways, take the time to
research what is out there. If you need some sources, drop me a note. I
live in Southern California but I travel all over the country to give
workshops and I can recommend some sources and places to take workshops,
books, magazines, etc....
Most importantly, don't give up. Don't stress over it. Take your time. Have
fun. Be creative and playful. It is art, not brain surgery :) and nothing
to fret about. You CAN do it.
Kelly Kilmer
Upcoming classes: So CA, CT (Stamp Studio, Manchester), NY (Crafters
Workshop, Elmsford), AZ (www.artunraveled.com/), NV (Stamptacular, Las
Vegas), CO (Artists Nook at Timeless Creations, Fort Collins) and more TBA
Art journaling, altered books, assemblage, collage, mixed media, and much,
much more
See some of my work in the new book "Signatures" by Somerset Studio

Greeting all.

I am a lurker de-lurking.  By profession I am a potter, and I have been
interested in altered books for a long time, and have decided to explore.

While this seems like a mostly technical list, I was hoping to gain some
non-technical knowledge.  How did you start in book arts?  Does anyone here
make their living doing it?  Is this more for traditional bookbinding and
paper making than altered and art books?

I am in NYC, and plan to take some workshops this summer at the Center for
Book Arts.  I've got a number of book on altered and art books, but can one
really learn this way?  In pottery, there are many books, but they are
really just support materials for hands-on experience.  I don't think anyone
can teach themselves to throw using a book alone.

Thanks for the help!


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