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To yesterday's poster from Iowa (I get the daily digest of this list) who
asked where we are, and anyone else who might be curious:

We ARE kind of nebulous (and I wish sometimes that I was floating in
international waters). One and a half of us run the organization out of our respective
homes in the suburbs outside Washington, D.C. (Takoma Park and College Park,
both in Maryland), where we also have a storage unit. We have a PO Box in
Washington for our correspondence. As some of you know, I'll be stepping down soon
as editor of our publication, Hand Papermaking, after 18+ years, and will be
replaced first by Cathy Baker (Tuscaloosa, AL), who will be guest editor of
our Winter 2004 issue, then Mina Takahashi (currently NYC, but future location
unknown, probably even to her). Locations of others who previously worked on
our magazine, etc. included Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

There's nowhere to visit, really, so we don't emphasize our location. We do
everything through the mail, by phone, by fax, or on the web, including the
auction that was announced yesterday by our managing director, Tom Bannister. So,
sorry to disappoint, but our location really doesn't matter because Tom's
message wasn't an invitation to come visit us, except on-line.

best wishes & happy bidding,

Michael Durgin
Hand Papermaking, Inc. / www.handpapermaking.org

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