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[BKARTS] ENTRY DEADLINE EXTENDED -- A POETS BOOK - A design binding exhibition organized by Les Amis de la Reliure dArt - Canada

Please note, the entry deadline for this "set book" exhibition has been
extended until May 31, 2004

Full information on ARA-Canada's exhibitions can be found at:
<http://www.aracanada.org/activites_expositions_internationale_fr.html> (in
<http://www.aracanada.org/activities_exhibitions_en.html> (in English).

Please consider entering.

A POET'S BOOK NOIRS, BLEUS, SABLES by Nane Couzier A design binding exhibition organized by Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art in collaboration with the Ramezay Museum.

Entry Deadline: May 15, 2004
Books Due: January 31, 2005

A PDF Version of this information with entry form can be found at
Examples of the printed pages can be viewed at:

For more information contact:
Anne-Marie Saint-Onge <anne-marie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

"Noirs, bleus, sables" is a poet's book, designed and produced for book
artists. Each artist choosing to become a part of this collective creative
project can make the unbound numbered book his or her own, transforming it
into a unique and personal work of art. The author proposes not only a
content, a theme, an objective, but also a situation: the text is
"inscribed in the pages", not just printed; the negative space is an
integral part of it. This material and symbolic space can be embellished,
extended, transcended. Participating artists have complete latitude
regarding the use of the page (paper), of the book (the sequence of pages),
of publication (the cultural references of the book arts). Each one is free
to go beyond the established forms, to transform the object into something
other, similar but distinct. The text serves only to suggest modulations,
variations. The artist can make it into something entirely different, far
from the traditional correspondence of image to text. Consider it an open

The poet's exercise is based on the exploration of
correspondences-memories/colours. The text is divided into five parts
supported by fi ve colours associated with fi ve different typefaces. The
orchestration (the page layout) of the texts offers artists pre-structured
spaces which may or may not serve as reference points for personal
expression. The book's "multidirectional" space (the poetic space echoed by
its typographical representation) is open to extension in any direction.

Produced by Édition d'art La Tranchefi le in a ready for binding format,
the printing of 120 copies was completed on September 15, 2001, in
Montreal; typography by Isabelle Chasse; 20 copies 39.5 cm x 24.5 cm
printed by Piezo process coloured ink jet on 160 M acid-free Sundance
Archive felt cover stock (numbered I to XX all sold); 100 copies 29 cm x 18
cm photocopied on 120 M acid-free Hammermill Archive cover stock (numbered
1 to 100)

Participation Rules and Requirements

1. The exhibition is limited to 35 bindings* : The first 35 entry forms,
including participation fee, received by Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art du
Canada (1275 Chemin Sainte-Foy, P.O.box 38007, Quebec (Quebec) G1S 4W8,
Canada) postmarked no later than the 15th of May 2004 will be in the

2. The $35 CDN entry fee includes insurance from the date of reception of
the binding by ARA Canada to the date it is sent back to the artist, an
invitation to the exhibition opening, a catalog and return fees for
participants in Québec. The price of the book must be added to the entry fee.

3. The 35 selected binders will receive their copy of "Noirs, Bleus,
Sables" before the end of May 2004 with an Identification Form to include
with the completed piece. The other binders will get their cheque or money
order back. ALL binders who requested information about the exhibition will
receive an invitation to the exhibition opening. The name and address of
all binders will go into the database for exhibitions to come.

4. The exhibition will be held at the Ramezay Museum, 280 Notre-Dame east,
Montreal, from September to November, 2005.

5. Each binder can submit more than one completed work.

6. Size and material restrictions: the bindings cannot measure more than 45
cm in height, 30 cm in width. Bindings cannot weight more than 6kg.
Bindings containing liquids or made with fine glass or other fragile and
breaking material will not be accepted. Bindings containing material that
could deteriorate over a short period of time will not be accepted.

7. All binding needing a special installation support must come with their
support and complete set-up instructions. The bindings will be properly
installed by the exhibition curator.

8. The binding must be received by ARA Canada no later than January 31st ,
2005. Bindings received after this date will be returned unopened. The
binding can be sent by regular mail or courrier.

9. The binding must be received with the completed Identification Form that
was mailed to the binder with the copy of the book. The information given
on the Identification Form may be edited if needed and will be printed in
the exhibition catalogue. * The word binding / binder used in this text
encompasses the term artist book / book artist.

10. The binding must be correctly packaged. All packaging materials must be
identified to the binder and be reusable in order to return the binding at
the end of the exhibition.

11. It is the binder's responsibility to inform ARA Canada of any changes
of address between now and the end of the exhibition.

12. Inbound and outbound shipping expenses are the responsibility of the
participants from outside Québec province. If the binding is not to be
collected in person after the exhibition, it must come in with sufficient
return postage (cheque, money order or stamps) otherwise it will be
returned C.O.D. to the binder.

13. The binding will be sent back at the beginning of January 2006 unless
talks already in process lead to a tour of some museums and art galleries.
All binders will be kept informed.

14. The binding is insured by ARA Canada from the date of reception at 21,
Brome street in Kirkland to the date the binding is sent back to the binder
and by Ramezay Museum during the exhibit. The binding is under the binder's
responsibility at any other time (shipping).

15. The exhibition catalogue will carry a photograph of each binding, a
description of the binding and the binder's résumé.

Entry Fees

$ 35 canadian for the entry fee. I already own a copy of "Noirs, bleus,
$ 115 canadian for the entry fee and for a copy of "Noirs, bleus, Sables"
29 cm x 18 cm.
$ 285 canadian for the entry fee and for a copy of "Noirs, bleus, Sables"
39.5 cm x 24.5 cm.

For member's from the United States and other countries :
If the payment is made by cheque in US dollars or in foreign currency,
please add $ 10 dollars to pay for the exchange fees.
* Non-members: please add $ 20 canadian to the entry fee.

A PDF Version of this information with entry form can be found at
Examples of the printed pages can be viewed at:

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    consent of the author - Please respect their contributions & ©*

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