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Re: [BKARTS] 10th Anniversary of Book_Arts-L

Peter and all

The tenth anniversary is truly a cause for celebration. Thanks to Peter
for giving us all a way to share information and make friends and
connections across the globe. The list has been an invaluable resource
to me and a source of inspiration.

I have a strong memory of my first posting to the list which was
probably in 1995. I was new to computers and to cyberspace. The topic
of bookmaking in schools came up and I felt I had something to
contribute but was a nervous wreck at the the thought. I can still
summon up the feeling of both fear and exhilaration I had when I
clicked on send. What amazes me even more is that I was such a novice,
or perhaps idiot, that I didn't realize you could cut and paste from
one program to another. So for some unremembered reason I wrote the
original version, and it was quite long, in Word. I was then totally
stumped at how to get it into the mail program (idiot is probably the
better term) so I printed it out and then retyped it into the mail
program. So my first posting was not only cause for trepidation but a
day long project. Thankfully I've figured out a few things since then.

in good spirit

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA


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