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[BKARTS] Seeking a supplier of 'Strongbox'

 First of all, I want to thank Peter for maintaining this list; I
have only been on it for less than a year now, but it is such an
interesting and educational list; I deeply appreciate it.

I am looking for information on where I can buy a 'Strongbox' to ship
a piece of art work. I found three possible suppliers on the web
yesterday; however, a preliminary email to check details had two of
them no longer at that address, and no answer from the third one yet.

I would especially like to find a supplier in Canada, though I would
also be grateful for one in the U.S..

If I can't find one, I would be appreciative of instructions on how
best to send a 28 x 36 piece with glass.

Thanks for any help with this.

June-Etta Chenard

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