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[BKARTS] Book & Magazine Care


I have a fairly large collection of books (both hard cover and soft - sizes
range from small pb size to large oversize) and magazines (stored in sleeves
w/backing boards in mag boxes).

I live in the Dallas Texas area and currently all books and magazines are kept
in the house (air-conditioned, no direct sunlight, etc).

The books fill several book cases (sauder type and a couple better quality hard
wood, but same style book cases).

I am currently faced with 2 problems and would appreciate any advise,
suggestions, etc.

1.  I am running out of space and was wondering how damaging it may be to store
the magazines in the garage (no heat or air so temps would range from the 30's
in the winter to 100+ in the summer.  I have had some old work books and binders
stored in the garage for a couple of years now without any noticeable adverse

2.  I also collect vintage posters and with all of my bookcases, etc don't have
the wall space available to display as many as I would like.  I was thinking of
building doors for the bookcases (all are open to the front) that I could
display posters on the front of.  Would lack of air circulation, etc harm the

3.  Ok, I know I said I only had two problems, but since I'm asking I figured I
ask one more.  The majority of my books are all about the same general topic
(magic).  However, some focus on clear subtopics such as card magic, coin magic,
etc.  Others are cross topic (contain material on several subtopics).  There are
many different authors and some authors have published books on other magicians
material (example:  Kaufman published a book about Dingle's material).

Any suggestions on how to organize these materials?

Oh, one final bit of info:  Many of the books are general releases, but some are
limited editions with slip cases or clamshell boxes, etc.

Any advise or suggestions would be appreciated.


Mark Jensen
Murphy, Texas

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