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Re: [BKARTS] Ten Years

I think I have been a lurker for about eight years, and I could not begin to
estimate how much skill and information I have gathered from everyone, it
goes beyond books.
I work mostly alone all day at my Bindery and I find the conversation
welcome, information suprisingly very timely, and at times it does keep me
laughing over my Jacques shear, some of the things we all get up too!
Sometimes a customer walks in while I'm chuckling away, and they say whats
so funny, and I just comment, I have a lot of nutty bookbinding buddies out
there.  I dont think they would get "to make old paper tea or not to."
Thank you Peter, you are a very fine/fine moderator. May we all log on to
another 10 years together.
Charlene Matthews

5720 Melrose Avenue

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