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[BKARTS] Setup a BB studio

Dear Folks,

I have an opportunity in helping write a grant for a BB studio, as well
as a business plan. I have come up with some plans but now need to
finalize the equipment prices.  Of course you ask for the moon and hope
for the best. In actuality, I estimate that the final grant will be in
the $20K- $30K range. I have done some research for what I think would
be required and was wondering what people on this list would suggest. I
lean towards more traditional BB personally but the studio would cater
to all sorts. I have not researched costs yet (since my currently most
expensive BB tool is a $30 cutting mat) but I would like:

1. book/nipping press
2. stamping press
3. guillotine
4. board shear
5. solid work tables
6. misc smaller tools - bone folder, paring knives, cutting mats, xacto
knives, scissors, glue brushes.
7. map drawers
8. tons of leather, paper, linen, and other materials (different grant)

The space may be shared with a small printing press for small run books.
Any additions, ideas or suggestions would be welcome. The grant
submission is due July 1 and the funds will be disbursed October 1st.


ps got my kozo from talas today and will start those paper repairs.
sincere thanks to the many people who responded to the list about their
recommendations and suggestions for those book repairs. and holy smokes
but bb leather is expensive!

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