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[BKARTS] Flat pages for binding classes

Hi, book-binding instructors -

A friend suggested that I make available sets of pages from the books
published by my press, Mayapple Press, for use in beginning binding
classes, since some students prefer to bind a text rather than a blank
book. These will be laser-printed, 2-up on 8.5x11 sheets (both sides, of
course), and I'm willing to use the handsome papers that are available
as resume papers if people would like them.  I'll probably buy a ream of
something nice but basic, like a white laid paper; I have small amounts
of some other interesting papers already in stock. I can set the books
up in signatures as people prefer; most books are fairly small, in the
range of 30-60 pages, so I'd probably make 3-4 signatures of 12 or 16
pages for the typical books. But I'm open to suggestion from the list on
this question.

I'd be willing to sell the sets at the same price that the bound books
go for on our website (that is, a range of $5 to $20). Students or
faculty can look at the Mayapple Press website
(http://www.mayapplepress.com and then click on the Catalog of
Publications link) - every book has its own page with a sample poem and
brief author bio. There is also a cover image for each book - I'd like
to know whether people would want the black-and-white cover art included
in the set of pages. The newer books mostly have 4-color covers, so this
would not be practical for those, but you can tell from the web page
which have b&w cover art.

Discussion of this kind of idea has been on this list from time to
time, and I suppose that general comments and suggestions would be of
interest to many people on the list. However, if people want to order,
please contact me directly by return (private) email, to avoid
cluttering up the list.

If there's enough response to this offer, I might put information about
the signatures on the Mayapple webpage.  Again, suggestions would be

Looking forward to people's thoughts.

Judy Kerman
Editor/Publisher, Mayapple Press (and sometime book artist)
Bay City, Michigan

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