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Re: [BKARTS] Seeking a supplier of 'Strongbox'

Find a shop which will make a plywood box w/1X2 - 1X3 - 1X4, or whatever
the height of the art work may be.

Glue and screw the plywood to the bottom of the 1X?; wrap & pack the
art work, with masking tape across the glass every couple of inches,
up and down, and across.

Screw the top piece of plywood on without glue and write opening
instructions on the top of the box with a marking pen.

I have shipped works of art packed this way via UPS, even though
they told me that they didn't ship artwork with glass, once I told
them how it was packed/taped.


>I am looking for information on where I can buy a 'Strongbox' to ship
>a piece of art work. I found three possible suppliers on the web
>yesterday; however, a preliminary email to check details had two of
>them no longer at that address, and no answer from the third one yet.
>I would especially like to find a supplier in Canada, though I would
>also be grateful for one in the U.S..
>If I can't find one, I would be appreciative of instructions on how
>best to send a 28 x 36 piece with glass.
>Thanks for any help with this.
>June-Etta Chenard

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