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Re: [BKARTS] Seeking a supplier of 'Strongbox'

I have been touring a fiber exhibition for two years . . . one of the
artists supplied his own packaging for his framed work . . . he created a
box that opens with a hinged top that has survived a number of trips via a
number of carriers.

The box is built of 3 inch thick sheets of rigid pink insulation foam that
was joined using a material appropriate adhesive, the outside is clad in a
heavy cardboard which was also adhered to the foam.  The interior is about
3/4 of an inch wider than the bubblewrapped artwork, the hinged top is also
three inches thick and provides a safe cutting line to open.

For shipping a piece with glass it seems to me that lining the interior
cavity with a thin plywood or other rigid material and generous amounts of
bubblewrap might provide yet another layer of security.

This is probably as clear as mud but if you want I will try and dig out his
description of the box construction process.

The advantage is that the box weighs almost nothing . . .


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