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Re: [BKARTS] Flat pages for binding classes

Thanks, Betty and Abi, for raising the issue of grain. Frankly, I'm not
sure - although I make bookworks, I don't have a lot of experience with
serious handbinding. I'm aware of grain as an issue, but not first-hand,
so to speak.

Since 1992, I've had our books printed at our university's print shop
on their high-end xerox machine, and most of the bindings have been
saddlestitch - most of the books have been chapbooks designed to sell
inexpensively at poets' readings, and none of them are limited editions
or fine bindings. I'm not sure that the grain is always the right way,
but they score the covers before folding and the pages, which are
hand-folded, seem fine.

The oldest books I have that were done this way (as opposed to offset)
are from 1994, and both the toner and the paper are in mint condition.
Of course, that's not 100 years, and I do recall discussions on this
list about possible problems with toner adhesion with xerox or laser!
Also, since the standard format for the majority of the books was 8x7
rather than 5.5x8.5, the printer cut the books out of larger sheets. Now
I'm using one of the better POD short-run companies, and they are doing
perfect bindings, so it's probably not a relevant concern.

Doing flat sheets in addition is a new idea, and I wanted to float it
with you all, so it's very useful to have the fine points raised.
Mayapple Press is a publishing operation. I do my own design and layout
up through prepress but we haven't been doing any of our own printing up
to now. With my new laser printer, I will probably do very short runs
in-house. The flat sheets would be done this way, too, new sheets rather
than pages left over from previous printings. Our chaps are one
signature, so I'd have to rearrange the pagination to make signatures
for handbinding.

I've just pulled out one of the resume sheets, and it does seem to be
long-grain. If I bought paper in 11x17 sheets from our printer and have
him cut it, would the grain be the right way? I could certainly arrange
to do this.


Judy Kerman
Mayapple Press

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