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[BKARTS] Paper Grain Direction

I am a new subscriber to this list, and look forward to learning from it over the coming months and occasionally to contributing to it.

I have enjoyed the recent discussion of paper grain, particularly James Tapley?s contribution. The significant contribution of other factors than, or as well as, fibre orientation was recently discussed at a local meeting of the Society of Bookbinders, citing Richard P. Grant?s article in Hewitt?s ?Skin Deep?, issue 10, Autumn 2000. ( http://www.hewit.com/skindeep.htm ). This article makes much the same observations as James and I recommend it. The relationship with forces applied during the forming and drying process is not widely known, even believed, and it was good to read of James?s experience of this.

As for paper grain direction lying at right angles to the spine (not necessarily short grain if the book is landscape), I?m not convinced that this is the ?no no? it is considered to be. True, it can cause problems, but have you noticed how many published books are printed with the grain horizontal?  Many of us must have come across examples for rebinding. I rebound a 1930?s book printed in this way. It was a coated paper, which perhaps helped. I didn?t treat it specially, and it didn?t have made endpapers, but it was certainly successful. I believe a book supplied for a competition here in the UK in recent years was also printed grain horizontal, with many successful entries. So don?t be discouraged!

[Me: I have been a leisure-time bookbinder for around 20 years (limited to time at workshops and classes so my output has been little more than that of a professional binder over a matter of weeks!). I have also a keen interest in letterpress printing, with a modest collection, though doing very little at the present time.]

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