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Re: [BKARTS] Paper Grain Direction

All that said, it is CRITICAL for binders, especially beginners, to learn
the importance of grain direction and it's impact. Only by truly
understanding how it works can we a) craft solid books, and b) understand
why something isn't working and how to resolve the problem. That's why it's
critical to keep good notes and to be able to reproduce our successes, and
sometimes failures, so that we learn to understand. Repetition also helps.
The more we make, the more we see. When we achieve that level of
understanding we can start to consciously experiment and push the envelope

Many of the technical discussions we have on the list revolve around the
understanding (or lack thereof) of grain and other materials issues such as
warping, adhesives, appropriate structures, ... It's right up there with
good work habits and proper tools. That's why these concepts are stressed
right up front in any good manual.


At 10:21 AM 4/29/2004 -0700, you wrote:
Oh, well. I live, and I learn too. Thanks Peter and Jan.

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To demonstrate in workshops the evils of not being careful of grain direction, I once made a book with the grains wrong; the cover boards (about 10 x6") going the wrong way, endpapers against that - pasted it up, put it under weights and forgot about it for awhile. The book remains flat even after teasing it with humid and very dry conditions. Oh well. Jan Owen Bangor, Maine www.JanOwenArt.com


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