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[BKARTS] Addenda to coquille d'oeuf

I have been asked off list:
I did not specify a color for the casein and/or pigment in the grout mixture
because it can be any color/colors you wish, even white. Black is traditional
but so what?
The final coats of acrylic lacquer are clear. My own preference is for ACE
brand Instant Drying Lacquer. It doesn't yellow with buildup or at least
relatively recent age. For a surface which will receive very heavy handling you might
consider one of the harder catalytic lacquers used by furniture makers,
amongst others, but in my experience those I've tried tend to yellow the white of
the eggshell at least somewhat.
For the work of Jean Dunand there is a fabulous book, JEAN DUNAND, HIS LIFE
AND WORKS, by Felix Marchilac, 1991, Thames and Hudson. This hardback book is
remaindered and quite inexpensive. It contains a bit of information on Dunand's
methods but he worked with true Oriental lacquer (the French were still in
control of what was then called Indochina) and Vietnamese craftsmen, amongst
Lastly, the most recent published example of my own eggshell inlay applied to
a binding is to be found in the Book Club of California's catalog to their
2001 show, Fine Hand Bookbindings for Book Club of California Publications.

Best, James

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