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[BKARTS] NYPL exhibit


It doesn't surprise me that you ran into problems at the NYPL. It's a great
place and I love going there and seeing their exhibits and using their
facilities for research but there are times I wonder how they manage to
function. I worked there for several years while in college (eons ago) so I
know a bit about how to deal with what appears to be great confusion but I
still end up running in circles at times. And I think that a lot of the
people who work now seem to know even less about what is going on than they
did years ago. Even clerks in larger bookstores seem to exhibit a great lack
of knowledge about literature in general and what they have on their shelves
for sale. Anyway, when I went down to see the show the only way I was able
to find it was through asking for the specific gallery it was in (a new one
which I hadn't been to before) as even the information desk (across the hall
from the galley!) had never heard of the show when I asked for it by name.
On the other hand, everyone in the NYPL does generally try to help out when
you're looking for something and the librarians go out of their way to fill
book requests - often even going down to the stacks themselves. While it can
be frustrating at times, it is still one of my favorite places.


Richard Lewis

Date:    Sun, 2 May 2004 10:01:17 -0400

From:    "Peter D. Verheyen" <verheyen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Subject: Re: NYPL exhibit

Having tried to order the catalog through NYPL several times I have to say

their (NYPL's) in-house marketing and awareness of the show and catalog are

horrible. The store didn't know anything about it, and I ended up talking

to just about every department in the place (it seems). Also sent an email

to the reference desk which was never answered. (This has happened with

other exhibits as well). Ultimately, I was lucky to have a colleague

(unbeknownst to me) see the show and bring me the checklist which indicated

a real catalog was available with title... Was also very glad to see that

Amazon had it nicely discounted.

That said, the catalog is beautifully done and luscious to look at. Only

wish I could make the time to get down to see it before it closes. Oh, well.


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