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[BKARTS] Michael Leroy Chrisman

I have to report to this list, that Michael Leroy Chrisman of Gutenberg
Center For Conservation and sometimes " Philadelphia Conservation " is still
missing in action.

He has called both me, and others and has promised that our books will be
shipped out immediately, but this has been all talk.  Deadline after
deadline has passed, with no luck.   He owes people books worth thousands of
dollars, some priceless in sentimental value.

He has claimed that he has moved in with his mother Ms. Marylin Chrisman at
151 Union Avenue, Buckeye Lake, Ohio, 43008.  She has claimed that this is
not true.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of Michael, and has any influence
on him, please advise him, that we are looking to prosecute him to the
fullest extent of the law.  Please also advise him, that we only want our
books back.  Once this has happened this situation will be resolved.

I would like to pass along a list of books that Michael has in his
possession, that we want back.......

1) 1895 German Bible, 4-5 inches thick,...880 pages.. separated boards
2) 1854 German bible 9 1/2 by 12 inches,..3 inches thick,..2 claps..approx..
1854...separated boards...
3) ***** 1527 Novun Testamenum Basle,Erasmus,..4th edition.. Needs new
4) 1749 John H. Cohausen, translated by John Campbell-Hermippus Redvivus: or
the sage Trump's over old age and the grave,....248 pages...disbound
5) 1714 Discourses Against Popery viz. the humane doct.. 1st edition By
Benjamin Bennet..517 pages...missing boards...
6) 1786 The Art of Speaking....printed by Charles Cist...separated
boards....the name "Benjamin Hace" on the front cover..
7) 1830's American Bible....Approximately 4" x 7" and approximately 3"
thick....It has a dark brown simple cover.  On the front page is the owners
great-great-grandfather's name "Eli Deas" written in pen.  On other pages is
birth information for Eli's wife, Susan Lamb, September 9th, 1819.  It was
published in Philadelphia in the 1830s.

I am in the process of having these books placed on the ABAA.org stolen book

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