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[BKARTS] tiered pricing


I'm coming out of lurkdom to ask people's opinion of tiered pricing for
small editions of handmade books. What are the advantages? How is it
perceived by the buying public? Is it (I imagine) necessary to post the
entire pricing structure upon release of the book, or is it possible to
change the price as it sells, depending on how popular it is?

I have always done open editions of my fine art prints (made in-house
digitally), but making books is certainly much more "hands-on" than
reproducing 2-D art so I like the idea of limiting the edition. I can
see the logic of increasing the price, the fewer that are left for
sale. But it's new territory for me, selling-wise.

Any experience or insight on this would be appreciated.

Cari Ferraro
Prose and Letters by Cari Ferraro
Calligraphy, Illumination and Design
351 Brookwood Drive
San Jose, Ca. 95116
voice: (408) 293-1852
fax (408) 294-7362

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