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[BKARTS] becoming a master crafts(wo)man...

greetings, all:

i don't think i've properly introduced myself.  i'm eboni and i live in central ohio.  in college i worked as a sstudent preservation specialist in my college library (oberlin college) for 4 years, where i learned some bookbinding, and book and paper repair methods.  mostly we fixed books from the circulating collection...stuff with wrecked covers, ripped pages, broken spines...occasionally had to bind pamphlets, or recase/rebind books.  the conservator there is awesome and i learned an awful lot from her.  she's still there.

however, i graduated 7 years ago.  since then i have earned a master's degree in library & information science and am currently working as a librarian, but i really have missed the bookbinding/repair and am eager to get back into it. my eventual goal is to open my own bookbinding/repair shop, but i realize that there are lots of things that i've forgotten, and many many things i have yet to learn.  i would like to earn another degree...this time in bookbinding (which is what i should have done in the first place).   i've inquired about the diploma program at the american academy of bookbinding in colorado...are there other places i might look into?

many thanks in advance,

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