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Re: [BKARTS] Stink Ink Query

"...has anyone had experience
adding aromatic oils to printing inks?"

Hi Tom,

  I have mixed aromatic oils into oil-based litho ink for letterpress
printing. I didn't do it very scientifically, just mixed a little into
the ink. A little went a very long way, at least with the oils that were
provided by the papermaker client. The aromatic properties eventually
evaporated with time but that doesn't sound like an issue in your

  This addition didn't affect the printing as far as I could tell,
however, offset printing has chemical compatibility issues concerning
ink/water balance that could prompt an offset printer to nix the idea of
adding an unknown additive into the mix. If you do find a printer with a
sense of adventure (and humor) who is willing to give it a go I would
recommend that you provide a little extra gratuity of some sort for the
effort as dealing with the stuff resulted in my shop smelling like roses
for a couple of weeks--not as good as it sounds. Good luck. --Hal

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