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[BKARTS] Interesting venues to show work

An article by Mia Fineman in Sunday's New York Times art section reminded me
of the discussion on the list regarding innovative venues for showing
artwork.  As part of this year's Whitney Biennial, artist Harrell Fletcher
selected 10 other artists, matched them up with 10 student volunteers, and
gave them less than a month to find a free to display the selected artist's
work.  The venues included: the Roosevelt Island branch of the New York
Public Library, the Cupcake Cafe, The Read Cafe, The Peter J DellaMonica Jr.
Center for Senior Citizens, an address on Astoria Boulevard, the Ansonia
Pharmacy, We Are One Boutique, Los Paisas Mexican Deli Restaurant, Cafe
Gigi, Adrianna Pizzeria, and a private studio on Ludlow Street.  The full
article can be accessed at:

Ed (Hutchins)

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