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[BKARTS] Provincetown

On 24 Apr 2004 Julie Basham wrote

I will be in Provincetown on Cape Cod this summer ( doing a
residency and taking a book arts workshop at the Fine Arts Work
Center) and wanted to know if there were any book arts related
stores, museums, galleries,<<<<<<<<

I didn't see if anyone had replied to this and would be interested
myself, as I spent four days in Provincetown myself last Fall. This
was the first time ever for me - it's been on my Life List (places I
want to go within my lifetime!) and I finally got there.  It was not
at all as I had imagined it - I think I was picturing the Jersey
Shore from my childhood.  The town itself is totally developed and
reminded me exactly of Bar Harbor.  Nicely laid out, completely
overdeveloped, lots of tourist shops, restaurants and galleries.  I
took a Life Drawing class at the FAWork Center - open to the public
for a modest fee - I walked on the beaches and the jetty, I ate all
kinds of great food and I went on a Whale Watch and saw whales!!  It
is all very tourist oriented and there is one hardware store, one
grocery store and one drugstore.  I did not find an art supply store
anywhere on the Cape.  Providence must have some as RISD is there.

While parking is a problem, it would not be easy without a car as all
the beaches and parks are hefty distances.  Even the parks didn't
seem very attractive to me but I'm used to the undeveloped wilds of
Maine.  However, when I drove home I went along the northern road
that follows the Cape Cod Bay shoreline and all through North Truro
were lovely miles of beaches with little family
cabins/housekeepingunits.  I would stay there if I went again.

You will have fun I am sure, it seemed a very agreeable gentle place
- just not what I was expecting nature-wise.  Henrietta
Henrietta in Blue Hill Maine

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