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Re: [BKARTS] Flat pages for binding classes and Paper grain

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From: "James Tapley" <JTHANDBOOK@xxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 6:19 PM
Subject: [BKARTS] Flat pages for binding classes

> Hi Betty, and thank you for the follow up. I had been curious why this
> topic's thread seemed to have dropped.


It seems this thread just morphed into "Paper grain" at the same time my
energy ran out and I had to back away, even though I wanted to respond to
you and several others. Paper grain has been discussed ad nauseum on this
list but there are always new people, bless them, coming into the book arts
from other disciplines where the grain of materials is not a consideration.

>It never hurts to carefully control the
> moisture content of the paper in a bookblock. Short of kaolin/glue coated
> and water soluble inks surely the best thing you can do is to wash the
> block.

> I imagine that the paper is also highly calendered. This was an adaptation
> contemporary and thus "modern" printing methods. Washing would irrevocably
> alter the aesthetics of the paper.

The paper in this book is not coated nor is it highly calendered.  I would
not dare to wash the text block for fear the paper would disintegrate. The
most I will do will be to dry clean the pages. They are quite clean with no
foxing or insect spots.

> What I really want to say Gavin is that it is grotesquely unfair of us to
> denounce earlier binders as incompetent or worse. Surely some were and
are. But I
> believe that the majority, just as we do today, struggled with the science
> and technology available to them to meet the demands of the larger public.
> been in the game long enough to see our own mistakes.

Remember when we religiously used the British Museum Dressing
(lanolin/neatsfoot oil) to restore the leather covers? Then we were told it
was bad for the leather.

> I am grateful that I'll not be around in 2104 to see my own work

Oh, I intend to be around in 2104 -- all new parts.

My recurring dream:  100 years from now, someone opens the box in which a
book I have restored with acid-free archival materials has been stored to
find nothing but a pile of dust -- and the acid-free repairs.


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