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Re: [BKARTS] Coptic Binding History - Clarification

Thanks for the resources James! To clarify for James and others who may have
info or suggestions, I actually am interested in a little of both (the
structure and variations of coptic binding AND bindings produced by the
early Coptic sects of Egypt). I don't need anything TERRIBLY in-depth,
although any and all information would be interesting AND welcome. I seem to
be talking to a lot of non-book people about my latest book, which is bound
with a Coptic variation, and I'd like to tell them a little more about the
origins of the style. I am telling them a bit about the origins now - but
I'd like to be sure I'm telling the truth! So anything anyone can suggest
regarding either area would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Date:    Tue, 4 May 2004 19:13:51 EDT
From:    James Tapley <JTHANDBOOK@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Coptic Binding History

Hi Kara... a difficult question as it really depends on where and how you
choose to slice history. By Coptic binding do you mean the structure (and
variations) itself or specifically bindings produced by and for the early
sects of Egypt and the middle east? They aren't the same animal of course.
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