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[BKARTS] Library of Congress Seeks Endpapers

Hello List...

An article in Hand Papermaking's Winter 2004 issue will feature an
endpaper project in the works at the Library of Congress. We could use
your assistance. Below is a notice from the project organizers.

Please respond no later than MAY 15

The Library of Congress book conservators are interested in finding
conservation quality endpapers for use with historical Western books.
We are conducting a survey of the available endpapers and would like
to hear from anyone who makes preservation quality endpapers and from
anyone who knows of papermakers making such endpapers.  We will be
publishing the results so that the information is more widely known.

Papermakers (if you haven't heard from us):  Please send your contact
information and we will send you more details.

Paper Users (if your endpaper source is NOT on the list below):
Please send the contact information for papermakers whose papers you
use for historical book endpapers or for papermakers you might

Terry Boone:  tboo@xxxxxxx, tel:  202-707-8718
Jesse Munn:  jmun@xxxxxxx, tel:  202-707-8720

Cave Paper Handmade Paper, Carriage House Paper, Cartiere Enrico
Magnani, demiddelstemolen.nl, Dieu Donne Papermill, Gangolf Ulbricht,
Griffen Mill Handmade Papers, La Pampa 1690 7 B, Les Papiers du
Moulin, Katie MacGregor, Moulin de Fleurac, Moulin de Larroque, Moulin
de Pen-Mur, Moulin du Verger, Olsanske Papirny a.s. (velke losiny),
Paperki Handmade Paper Mill, Papiermuhle-Morzinger, Simon Green,
Ruscombe PaperMill, Schneider-Karten, Sepp Kornprobst, Twinrocker
Handmade Paper, University of Iowa Center for the Book, Vinzani Hand
Papermaking, Werkstatt fuer Papier, Wookey Hole Papermill

Tom Bannister, (800) 821-6604, fax (301) 220-2394
Hand Papermaking, Box 77027, Washington, DC 20013
Page Two, Inc., Box 77167, Washington, DC 20013

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