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Re: [BKARTS] Flat pages for binding classes

I don't think that Gavin was saying that ALL of the bookbinders of that
period were incompetent. I'm sure that some were; just as there are many today.

I have seen a goodly number of books over the years that were poorly bound.
Here in little ol' Delaware, I have rebound in replica, many sets of Thos.
Scharf's "History of Delaware" and "Biological and Genealogical History of
Delaware."  Every one of the hundreds I rebound were in the same condition. When
someone inquires about having theirs worked on, I don't even have to see them to
give a price. I know just what the condition of the books are.  The "Scharf's
History of Delaware" was a horrendously bad binding job.  First off, they were
printed on single sheets (not sections) the thread used for oversewing was of
poor quality and the stitches were too far apart to withstand even minimal
use. The glue was brittle and tended to act as a saw to the thread. The leather
on the spine and corners was exceedingly thin and of inferior tannage. Many
sets were upside-down in the covers. Some had the index in the wrong volume
(according to the table of contents). Many had both title pages in on volume.
There is more but I'm sure I've already made my point. There were incompetent
bookbinders in all ages.

So, we shouldn't be too hard on Gavin for saying it.

Ed Stansell

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