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[BKARTS] Thank you's and Finishing press up for auction

HI!  I have been a lurker here for some time and have learned lots from the
discussions.  Thanks to all for sharing their skills with the rest of us,
and also to Peter for putting up with us!
   I have just listed a finishing press on ebay (4209816174) and also have
other binding equipment up for auction.  Many on this list have helped me
design these and their help is much appreciated.  My aim is to provide
affordable quality binding equipment so those of us who don't make our
living at this craft can stop "making do" and get on with more "doing" and
less "making do".
Your thoughts on these pieces of equipment are welcome and if there is
anything else you have been looking for and haven't been able to find, email
me (sq1tk@xxxxxxxx) and I will see if it is feasable and cost effective for
me to build.  I want to be available to the binding community to further the
craft of binding by encouraging more to enter into the fun and satisfaction
of a job well done, with a minimal of cash outlay.

Have a great day!
Heritage Interiors

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