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Re: [BKARTS] Wells College Book Arts Symposium (Aurora, NY)

Dear Michael & Velma

Thank you for your kind words regarding last week's symposium. It was our
hope to provide an enjoyable & interesting event to the expansive audience
that constitutes the book arts. The many compliments we've received thus far
are truly appreciated, but as Director of the Center I feel I ought to
address a misconception recurring in such praise. Those not directly
involved in its planning & performance might presume 'Matter & Spirit'
sprung forth a la Athena from this Director's noggin - fully formed and
prepared for battle - or that the event was made entirely from the yolk of
an egg. 'Matter & Spirit' succeeded only because it was a collaborative
effort. Gracious as these workers may be, names should be named, and if this
list's moderator will permit, I would like to state for the record those who
lent their support, big and small, to 'Matter & Spirit.'

Thanks to Peter Verheyen whose instigation proved most helpful getting an
initial program draft together, and of course, the exhibition off the

Thanks to my assistant director Nancy Gil and our trusty half dozen
workstudy students who worked full-time for weeks (in Nancy's case, months)
to tend to the excess of details incurred in planning such an event.

Suzanne Moore & Don Glaister deserve separate, but equal gratitude. Suzanne
supplied us with her beautiful calligraphy without hesitation and Don gave
more than a fair share of his time & talent to install the exhibition. Our
post-symposium sanity is due in large part to the wisdom they both dispensed
freely to staff & student alike throughout our planning.

>From Housekeeping to the President's Office, the entire Wells College
community deserves a special thank you for its collective moral & logistical
support. Never have I experienced an institution more informed or
encouraging of the book arts. As unbelievable as it may seem folks, faculty
& administration here think the book arts at this small liberal arts college
is a good thing, even an important thing. Long-term planning, financial
support, summer & year-long workshop programming . . . more on this anon.

Lastly and most certainly, I would like to recognize Victor Hammer Fellow
Sarah Roberts for her special contributions to 'Matter & Spirit.' Her clear
purposeful writing won the Center funding we'd never thought possible. Her
gentle counsel guided our planning from day one and was the chief reason
'Matter & Spirit' concerned itself with substance and never with spectacle.
Her labors these past two years have gone far beyond simply fulfilling the
duties of the Victor Hammer Fellowship. Every Book Arts Center should be so
lucky to employ a poet of her caliber. Wells College thanks you, Sarah, and
I thank you.

Readers of the Book Arts-L, I appreciate your indulging this overtly proud
Director. Thank you for your attention and I would welcome anyone in living
or visiting our neck of the woods to stop by.

yours in lead, ink & paper



Terrence P. Chouinard
Wells Book Arts Center
Wells College
170 Main Street
Aurora, NY 13026


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