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[BKARTS] mulling it over, from a newbie

    I am new to this list.  I am looking for a good quality mull
(super.)  The standard stuff, which one can buy at the usual places
(Talas, NY Art Central), is a very wide weave muslim of low quality.
I've found it tears easily. When I was taking a bookbinding class, our
instructor showed us a much better grade:  tighter weave, denser, and it
makes for a tighter book.
    For some reason, the instructor hasn't responded to my e-mails.I
have been looking all over for it, without success.   I found a product
at Hewitt in Edinburgh which is much better than the usual super, but
still not quite what I want.
    One dealer suggested I make my own.  To do this I get a 36 grade
fabric used for needlepoint and starch it myself.  Still better.
    But this is a chore.  Any suggestions?
Best wishes,
a tyro

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