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Dear Book-Arts members:
  Thanks for the thorough and enlightening feedback on super.
    Another problem I have been facing.  I do a lot of binding of quality
paperbacks.  These paperbacks, such as Dover editions and many cookbooks, have
sewn-in signatures.  But over the years the spine, which is simply pasted to
the cover, tends to become concave.  The problem seems to worsen as the book
ages.  The resulting rebound book is really ugly;  the spine bulges out where
the textblock bulges in---  yet I've found no way to make the concavity of the
spine into a convexity.  Tapping or even hammering on the textblock doesn't
    Has anyone encountered this problem?  I really hope no expensive equipment
is required here;  I've already taken out a second mortagage to pay for my
collection of Ann Muir marbled endpapers.

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