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[BKARTS] Concave Spines

Nothing could be easier to remedy than concave spines of sewed books.  You must put the book spine-up in a backing press.  Before tightening the press, push the spine as flat as possible.  Don't worry if you don't get it entirely flat.  Now you must remove the book backings.  Manually peel off whatever paper or mull is loose enough.  Onto the remaining glue, cloth, paper, etc., brush THICK paste or methyl cellulose adhesive and let it sit for 10 minutes or so, re-applying it if it seems to be drying out.  The thick adhesive's moisture will soften the old glue on the book's spine.  Now take a dull knife and push the softened old glue off the spine.  If some glue remains, re-apply the paste to the stubborn area and repeat the process.  Once the spine is clean, loosen the press, push the spine completely flat, tighten the press, and apply a brushing of paste.  Let that dry, remove the book from the press, and it may be easily rounded and backed.

Richard Horton

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