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[BKARTS] Glue trouble

A curious problem. Is your broadcloth a synthetic? Has it been treated to
make it soil, stain, or wrinkle resistant? Any of these can make adhesion of the
pastedowns more difficult.
In any case I am struck by the fact that none of the adhesives you have tried
is very "wet".
You might try a mixed paste of PVA/methyl cellulose, starting with a four to
one part combo. The methyl cellulose will increase the working time and thus
allow for greater penetration of the PVA into the cloth and better adhesion. On
the downside this wetter adhesive will tend to increase the pull of the
endsheets on the boards, warping them towards your bookblock. This may well be a
problem especially if you have only tacked the cloth to the outside of the
boards. Best, James


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