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Re: [BKARTS] Mulling it over

Dear James,

I have described my method previously.  This is a side issue to the main
discussion, and I did not think it necessary to burden the list with
information they could do without.  The method is a variant on adhesive
binding in which the sections are sewn separately and adhered together
without chain stitching or other thread linking between sections.Depending
on the size of the book, fabric reinforcement may or may not be used to
reinforce the back before covering with a laminated paper cover.  Folded
end papers separate the cover gluing at the front and back of the
book.  The result is a paper bound book which is durable and easy to open.

As to the point of standard terminology, I think the word thread and its
derivatives are not excluded from the lexicon of bookbinding.  If I am
wrong, forgive me.  I speak standard English, Canadian variant, and I use
words which convey my thoughts.  The diction which you are insisting on can
be used to obscure as well as to reveal, and I am not going to be party to
that sort of thing.  My training is in science and engineering, among other
disciplines, and I am well acquainted with the use of standard
terminologies of various flavours.  In the present case, the point of my
contribution was not some technique of sewing, but was specific to the
problems occasioned by the accumulation thread and displaced paper from
piercing at the back of the spine.

I think I did contribute to the confusion by attempting to differentiate
between my linear sewing and the standard bookbinding stitchery, for which
I apologize.  Now let us all get back to what we were doing.

Still Grumpy Gavin

At 11:11 AM 11/05/2004 -0400, you wrote:
Dear Gavin,
>Forgive my being somewhat abrupt, but this is almost willful
>misunderstanding of my message
No, it is your seemingly willful misuse of commonly accepted terminology. I
applaud the breaking of conventions but not the grumpiness that often comes
with the resulting miscommunication.


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