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Re: [BKARTS] Japanese books

Instead of offering an answer to your questions, they have given me
pause to ask another question:
As far as I'm aware (not being a graphic designer or typographer...),
the development of our alphabet comes from Roman antecedants?  These
letter forms were devised to allow for easy movements with chisel
cutting into stone.  Serifs help 'sit' a letter on a line of print, in a
horizontal fashion for a nice appearance and legibility.  I'm guessing
this idea still is utilized when new fonts are designed (sans-serif
included).  You have half-height, full height and descenders.
Question:  Has anyone designed a font for the purpose of printing
vertically?  Asian-language characters do this quite well both in
printed and hand-written forms.  Where do we stand in the West?

> Problem B:
> Should I orient the text so that you flip left to right?

-Doug Sanders

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