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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 7 May 2004 to 8 May 2004 (#2004-125)

While visiting Los Angeles for the past month I've been heartily welcomed by old friends and new in the book art community. Most as a result of this extraordinary message center. Thank you Peter!

Spent a fine day with ocean swimmer and book artist Sibyl Rubottom at The Press, a sunny gallery and workspace in La Jolla with splendid books and space galore. I'd hoped to
spot her signature elephant, but they're only to be seen in Sibyl's books! Had a second leisurely hands-on look at her impressive and complex alphabet book which I'd seen 'under glass' at the NY Center for Book Arts show. There was also a memorable book/portfolio of hand colored shoe prints by a participant in The Press's facilities. Apologies for not remembering the young man's name.

Thanks, Carolyn Chadwick, for your suggestion that I look up Gloria Helfgott. Gloria greeted me with warmth and contagious book art enthusiasm at her orchid-filled studio in Pacific Palisades and several days later invited me for a "how to drive to the nearest art supply store" lesson. She also introduced me to Bergamot Station, an industrial park complex of galleries, and art related shops, including Hiromi Paper International--Oh! My! Gloria and I told old war stories, laughed a lot and she generously shared her black Fabriano with me--in the hope that I would find time between staring at the ocean to make a book.

After forty-four years I rediscovered an old buddy from my freshman year at Pratt. He offered challenging questions for me to consider about my work and direction for future work.

Lisa Deutsch, Marcia Moore and the Los Angeles Book Arts Center have gone out of their way for my presentation on Thursday, May 13th. Even offered to pick me up and drive me home, but fortunately my driving skills have returned, so that won't be necessary! LABAC made it possible for there to be tango music, as well as a showing of "One For the Books," an early 1930s film clip of my father, Hal Sherman, an eccentric Vaudeville dancer.

Looking forward to meeting those of you on Book List who've called or written to say they'll be there.
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