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[BKARTS] repair advice

I am a lurker with just one bookbinding class under my belt. My main interest
is in book repair, and I've been learning some basic stuff by repairing my
kids' books. Most of these have been minor, but now I've got a biggie which is
a result of a cheaply bound hardcover book being left on the floor and stepped
upon by oblivious kids.

Forgive my lack of precise technical terms in describing the problem: the
textblock comprises glued sheets. The end papers/flyleaves were part of this
and then glued to the boards. The spine of the textblock was glued to the spine
board in 2 places. So now, the textblock has sheared away from the endpapers,
which were the only thing holding it in (other than the 2 spots where it was
glued to the spine board).

My plan to case the textblock back in is to use some Talas China paper cut the
height of the textblock and extending a couple of inches over the flyleaf of
the text block and glue that over the endpapers. Not pretty, I know. Is this a
good plan or is there some better way to case the textblock back in and
strengthen the binding. Give it new endpapers as well, tipped onto the

Many thanks, and my apologies for this really basic query.

---Amy West


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