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[BKARTS] Mulling it over, last questions

Dear Gavin,
Thank you for the added information on your structure. I'm actually quite
interested in the potential of adapting your Singer sewing to a type of Smythe
sewing. May I trouble you with another question? Have you attempted to actually
link the sewing between sections using only the machine? At this point I'm
thinking of those times when I was sewing say a kimono collar, lift the needle,
radically reposition the fabrics, and then continue sewing. It would be a form
of two on sewing. When I get time I'll fiddle with this but perhaps you can
give me a heads up on some pitfalls to avoid. Oh, and in sewing a section, have
you found it preferable to sew with spine folds up or down on the bed of the
machine? To my mind this would affect the orientation of the paper eruptions
with consequences for later operations. Thank you, James

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