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Re: [BKARTS] Mulling it over, last questions

Dear James,

Please refer to the long exposition I have just posted.

To your specific questions, the problem of linking is quite difficult, and
not well adapted to the Singer sewing technique, as it uses two threads,
one on top and another in a floating bobbin on bottom.  Consequently, there
is always a thread inside the fold of the book which cannot be conveniently
passed to the next section.  The Singer was developed to achieve a
self-locking stitch, which is very useful for sewing clothing.  In book
sewing, the locking is done with glue, and the extra thread is a
hindrance.  The only virtue of using a Singer is that they are ubiquitous
and cheap, relatively.  To purchase a used industrial long throw or Smythe
machine costs several thousand dollars, whereas the Singer is usually
available already.

It is possible to tie the loose ends together after completing the other
steps as preliminaries, but I have not considered that this tedious
procedure was worthwhile.  If I have the time to make all those knots, I
also have the time to sew the book in a frame, which is superior in many ways.

I always sew with the needle penetrating so a to leave the ragged bits on
the book back.  Occasionally I make a mistake and end up with a section the
other way around.  This does not present an insurmountable difficulty, but
I prefer it the other way.

Please bear in mind that my technique is intended for trade books that have
to compete with mass production books on price.  That means I don't pay
myself nearly enough to spend time on non-essentials.  John Henry laid down
and died after his contest with the steam hammer.  For fine books, I still
do everything the hard way.  And though I still don't pay myself enough, I
do charge enough to cover the time.

All the best, Gavin

At 01:37 PM 11/05/2004 -0400, you wrote:
Dear Gavin,
Thank you for the added information on your structure. I'm actually quite
interested in the potential of adapting your Singer sewing to a type of Smythe
sewing. ...


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