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[BKARTS] repair advice

Hi Amy... I think that your plan for repair is basically sound. You might
consider using a lightweight unbleached cotton muslin, cut on the bias, as
reinforcement rather than the China paper. To make the muslin more easily handled I
wash it thoroughly and then resize it using a thinned wheat starch paste,
brushing out on a formica or mylar surface. It would be a good idea to somewhat
roughen the current spine lining/adhesive to promote a better bond for the added
lining. I am assuming that you will be using PVA to attach this new spine
If you will be using the extant endsheet construction I don't think it
necessary to extend the lining more than 3/8 inch across the bookblock. I'll refer
to these extensions as wings. If the hinge between the flyleaf and pastedown is
sound then you can recase the book by gluing the flyleaves to the wings. If
upon opening there is no arching of the spine of the bookblock then you should
feel free to fully glue the spine of the text block to the spine strip of the
If you go with new endsheets you might consider saddle sewing them into the
new spine lining rather than simply tipping them to the textblock. In this case
the wings should extend about 3/4 inch over the bookblock. If you prefer not
to sew them in it would be better to hinge them to the text block. Tipped in
endsheets simply transfer the stresses of opening to the first and last few
pages of the text and will ultimately promote the separation of these leaves or
simply break away.
And congratulations! My son's books were like the shoemaker's children when
he was growing up.
All best, James

James Tapley
Hand Bookbinder
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Tel 941 366 8248


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